1Checkin Data Privacy Policy

  1. Scope Of Application

    This data privacy policy ("Policy") describes how 1Checkin ("1Checkin" or "us" or "we"), a brand created by Evocativideas Unipessoal Lda, collect, use, and store the information (“Personal Data”) you provide to us, or that we gather from you while you access or use www.1check.in (the "Site"), the 1Checkin mobile IOS / Android application (the "App"), and related services that link to this Policy (together, the “1Checkin Services”).

  2. Data Controller

    Data controller of your personal data is the company mentioned in the imprint section of this website, Evocativideas Unipessoal Lda. We inform our Users and/or Customers that their personal data is processed and kept by us in the manners in accordance with the GDPR (effective as of May 25th, 2018). You can contact our data protection officer via: privacy@evocativideas.com A Data Protection Officer is not bound to management’s instructions.

  3. Data Collection And Usage

    We collect and process Personal Data about you, that you provide voluntarily through usage of the 1Checkin Services, with your consent as necessary to provide our Service you use, operate our business, meet our contractual and legal obligations, protect the security of our systems and our customers, or fulfill other legitimate interests.

    We take user privacy and the use of your Personal Data very seriously and will only use the information provided by you in accordance with the 1Checkin Data Privacy Policy. Evocativideas Unipessoal Lda. will not sell, rent, or provide any of our user’s Personal Data to uninvolved third parties or any other entities, outside of the 1Checkin Services. We hold and transmit our users’ Personal Data within a safe, confidential, and secure environment, and all data provided by users is stored on certified servers within the European Union.


    1. To make use of the 1Checkin Services, you have to first set your email preferences and data privacy preferences within your personal profile, in order for us to use the data you provided voluntarily to perform our Service.
    2. All Personal Data we collect from you, is the data listed within your personal profile, that you provided voluntarily, in order to make use of our Service (flight information such as e.g. departure airport and destination from upcoming and past flights; all Personal Data).
    3. We do not sell, rent, or provide your Personal Data to uninvolved third parties or any other entities, outside of the 1Checkin Services. If you use the 1Checkin Services to be checked-in at a certain airline, we provide your voluntarily provided data to our suppliers. We trust that this data is correct.
    4. You can actively manage the data within your personal profile, meaning that you can change or delete the data we store about you at anytime.
    5. If you change or delete data within your personal profile, that data is instantly removed from our database, as well as the entire network database, including authorized, involved third parties connected to the 1Checkin Services.
    6. Alternatively, If you want us to delete your profile and therefore all the data we store about you, you can also do so by sending an email to support@1check.in with the subject “delete all my data”. We will confirm deletion of your data to you via email, and finally delete your email address from our database, as well as the entire network database, including authorized, involved third parties connected to the 1Checkin Services.
    1. Data collection

      1Checkin collects your Personal Data, provided by you (the “user”) voluntarily, in order to provide you with the Service through the 1Checkin Services, including but not limited to registering and administering your personal, protected 1Checkin account, which you need to set up in order to be able to use the 1Checkin Services. As used in this Policy, “Personal Data” means information relating to you as an identified or identifiable individual. You provide Personal Data directly into the 1Checkin Services.

      You can register with your email address through the 1Checkin Services,, in order to create your personal account. Alternatively, you can provide the necessary flight information (e.g. your 6 digits flight- booking confirmation and your last name ) directly through the website or App in order to have an upcoming flight checked-in through the 1Checkin Services. Furthermore, you can also add additional data like your passport information and seat preferences to your account.

      For one respective check-in, we might collect certain information that you agree to provide us manually or by forwarding us your booking confirmation to initiate the automated online check-in process. This personal information varies according to the nature of a flight (domestic / international), and can contain data such as nationality, gender, email address, mobile number, national ID, passport, including issuing and expiry date, flight information and itineraries, and other information that might be required in order to provide you with the 1Checkin Services

      You can also add Personal Data of someone that travels with you by creating an additional traveler profile within your protected account (limiting it to the collection of information about (a) third person(s) you are authorized to provide the data to us and our supplier, in order to use the service of automated flight check-in for you and the person(s) that you want to be checked in together with.)

      As the 1Checkin Services might develop and change over time, we will change or expand these options. We will communicate with you through the email address you provided upon registering, in case you set the notification settings accordingly within your personal account, and point out any important changes to you personally, via email or within the 1Checkin app.

    2. Usage of collected data

      As soon as you add an upcoming flight to be checked in online through the 1Checkin Services, we will pass on the data you emailed us or saved in your account (which you can view at any given time) to our supplier and/or the airline you want to be checked-in to. In doing so, we/our suppliers trust that the data you provided is correct, and can be matched to a contract between you and the airline.

      Upon your consent within your personal account, we will use the email address you provided upon registration, in order to send you information about the 1Checkin Services, including improvements, additional services added, changes in the terms of service, and any other changes and updates related to the 1Checkin Services. You can simply unsubscribe to that service either directly upon registration, by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of a respective email, or by sending an email with “unsubscribe” to support@1check.in.

    3. Access to personal user information

      The access to all user information gathered and stored through the 1Checkin Services is only accessible by the users themselves or authorized 1Checkin personnel/suppliers.

  4. Answers To Support Inquiries, Questions, Feedback, And Suggestions

    1Checkin will use the email address you provided upon account registration in order to answer support inquiries, questions, feedback, and suggestions that you have submitted to our contact email address support@1check.in.

  5. Choices You Have Regarding Your Personal Data

    Through the profile and email / data privacy settings within the 1Checkin Services, you can update, change, and delete Personal Data, flight information, and profile information associated with your account at any time.

    You can also choose to delete the data about past flights at any time automatically through your data privacy settings in your personal account, or delete that data instantly manually in the “past flights” section, by deleting the flight cards, or your passenger information in the “profile” section. You may also request a copy of all personal data we store about you by sending an email with “request my data list” to support@1check.in.

    Alternatively, if you wish to have your personal account and all your data deleted, please send an email with “delete personal account” in the subject line to support@1check.in. We will confirm deletion of your data with you via email, and as a last step remove your email from our database.

    For any further questions regarding data processing or any other information you might seek, you can contact us directly via support@1check.in.

  6. How Long Do We Retain Your Data

    We review our users’ activities in regular intervals. The maximum retention period of Personal Data from an inactive account is 10 months.

  7. Use of cookies

    We use cookies. Cookies are beneficial. Cookies are small text files (up to 4KB) created by a website that is stored in the user's computer either temporarily for that session only or permanently on the hard disk (persistent cookie).

    Cookies do not contain any identifiable user information and solely provide a way for the website to recognize you as anonymous user and keep track of your clicks through our website. Cookies are commonly used to "maintain the state" of a browser session. For example, users can place items in a shopping cart, switch to another page or even another site, and when they come back, the site recognizes them via a fraction of their IP address and indicate e.g. the current state of the cart.

Last update 24.05.2018

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