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    Never get stuck in the middle seat

    1Checkin means pre-trip peace of mind. You’ll get checked-in automatically as soon as online check-in opens, regardless where you are in the world, even if you are offline. Manage and track all your flights, and access your boarding passes in one place.

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    LHR → NYC, 23 Feb
    Extra luggage request
    Hi, please check my luggage allowance for this flight.
    Hi Ellen, you are allowed to bring one carry-on bag (8kg) and one checked bag (23kg). Additional luggage is available for EUR 30,- a piece, would you like to add some?
    No thanks, I’m good!
    Alright then, have a nice flight!

    What our users say

    Perfect App to checkin flights conveniently! The service is awesome, 1Checkin took care about every concern I had. I recommend this App to everyone and especially to people who travel more often! It saves a lot of time and circumstances at the airport.
    Frequent Flyer
    from Google Playmarket
    Actually works compared to other check-in apps
    Frequent Flyer
    from Google Playmarket
    Tried with Emirates and worked well for three passengers, we got seats in a row together
    Frequent Flyer
    from Google Playmarket
    My travel agency charges me an extra $ 7,- to my bookings for sending me the boarding pass couple hours prior to my flight. Here I get everything and more on my phone for the monthly price of a coffee at the airport.
    International sales manager
    This app is genius. Saves me valuable time and let’s me purchase everything flight related directly in the app. No need to search my mailbox for booking reference numbers anymore, really solved a pain.
    A happy 1Checkin user
    I wonder why such a service has not been available since the emergence of mobile apps. It’s so convenient to have all upcoming flights and boarding passes available in one place.
    FIN travel blogger
    Was able to upload PNR that Tripcase could not. Love it!
    Frequent Flyer
    from Google Playmarket
    Everything worked out perfectly. I got my boarding pass via the app just as it advertised. From now on I will get my boarding passes exclusively via this app. It's convenient and practical. No annoying ads or hidden fees either so definitely recommend using 1checkin
    Frequent Flyer
    from Google Playmarket
    I have sometimes over 130 flights a year. This app literally is my life saver when I travel. My assistant is happy she does not have to take care of my check-ins anymore, she actually started using the app for having me checked-in to all my flights, before I even knew about it!
    Fund manager
    Macht was es soll. Funktioniert wunderbar! Kommt ab sofort zu meinen Favorite-Apps
    Frequent Flyer
    from Google Playmarket


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